About Managing Director

S. Manmohan Singh, Managing Director of SDB1313 is a retired Government Official by profession and an intellect, through an unalloyed writer and whistle-blower by the very circumstances and instinct. Being in the field of Audit and Accounts and that also with spine and guts in a lobbyist regime of engineers, was on everybody’s challenge as ‘Audit’ jobs these days tantamount to lacking pragmatic authority but only accountabilty. There are numerous stories of extravagancies committed on him just because of his echt, non compromisable attitude. The ‘Kiirt’ of Baba Nanak is not easily nurtured these days, but any how ‘kiirt’s’ survival is a must, for survival of humanity. As comebacks are always stronger than the setbacks, a survival heredity instinct is chasing S. Manmohan Singh. He is again starting his battle to attain Equity and Justice, which is actually in tandem but just in a new shape. Because law makers are the core of change in a septic system, he also contested parliamentary elections, but in a crony capitalist regime. He has a strong and long experience of Networking Marketing in various Multi Level National and International Marketing companies. All such Human Beings who have been ‘victims’ of system extravagancies can contact him and anyone who considers this a ‘Just Cause’ as a need of the hour, do support us with your feedbacks and new ideas. Even criticism is welcome and appreciated.

Who We Are

s you have enrolled as a ‘DISTRIBUTOR’ of SDB1313, Sri Anandpur Sahib, Distt Ropar, Punjab, INDIA (140118), you are now a part of the opportunity of the millennium. The SDB1313 is an exciting platform, where everyone will be properly listened, whether it be a suggestion, idea, or any grievance. Utmost efforts will be done to redress every one’s requirements in the most congenial way. “Welfare of All” i.e. ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ will be our main mission and it will be our esteemed vision that no one on this earth remains uncontacted and uncontented. SDB1313 has the potential to turn your ‘Dreams’ into ‘Reality’. As you work more and more towards attainment of ‘objectives’ of SDB1313, by crossing different levels, you will establish lifelong friendships and develop support systems, unparalleled in any other system. System reform will also be one of our main objectives, so that everyone lives happily and sleeps without any fear or worry.